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"Only those who will risk
going too far can possibly
find out how far
one can go."
- T.S. Eliot

Unleash your inner athlete as you push to
the edge of your stamina in MAX-traxx!

Maximum Intensity, Minimum Sanity!

MAX-traxx, Global Fitness' Four-Week High-Intensity Team Training Program, is easy to describe. It's one part pounding pulse rate, one part screaming muscles and two parts insanity. It will challenge your endurance, strength and perseverance like they've never been challenged before!

Each workout starts hard and gets harder. Your MAX-traxx "Enforcer" (the person responsible for your butt-kicking) starts things off with dynamic warm up drills taken straight from traditional athletics. After a few minutes, your body will be ready to be pushed!

Each class, we torture your muscles during the "The MAX-Blast", a series of exercises using maximum Neuro-Muscular Activation (no free rides for ANY part of your body!). You'll be pushed through exercises like ring rows, wall balls, kettlebell swings, thrusters, and box jumps (to name a few). The common theme is moving your body through space; ensuring you get the MAXimum metabolic challenge. Each workout is scientifically designed for repeatability and results, giving you the chance to intensify your workload as your strength and endurance levels increase over the four weeks.

Using a theory known, as "Metabolic Maximization" is where we take advantage of training principles that train your entire body every workout saving you time but getting you INCREDIBLE RESULTS! Your Certified Enforcer also runs you through team training maneuvers including sprints, suicides, bounding, lateral stability runs and much more. Oxygen anyone?

Maximum Safety, Minimum Risk!

To do MAX-traxx, you need to be a little bit insane but NOT crazy. We've designed the program to push you to levels that you could NEVER reach on your own. At the same time, each workout is varied and balanced so you can keep coming back for more, properly recovered and injury free!

Who is MAX-traxx for?
MAX-traxx is for anyone looking for "the Max" level of intensity. MAX-traxx participants should be currently working out a minimum of twice per week for the last month and ready to work a little harder in a supervised environment.

We want to make sure we don't aggravate any injuries you may be dealing with outside of MAX-traxx.. If you have questions about how to work around muscle or joint issues or if you should even try, ask a MAX-traxx Enforcer prior to registering.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We KNOW MAX -traxx works. That's why we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you aren't happy with your results after following your Coach's guidelines and attending all your scheduled MAX-traxx sessions, we will refund every nickel. You have nothing to lose except any unwanted inches and pounds!

If you have questions about our MAX-Traxx program, ask any of our trainers the next time your at Global.



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