Hello Spring!!!

Hey Members!

Launch Weekend has arrived and it is going to be hot at the clubs all weekend long! The new releases are simply the best way to change things up in your workouts! Tons of fun, multiple instructors, new moves and new music will all combine to make this weekend amazing! Here is the schedule of events for each club:


Friday, April 29th

4:30pm Group Groove

Saturday, April 30
8:00am – Blast – Julie, Robin, Kerwin
8:30am- R30 – Roger, Michelle
9:15am – Power – Erin, Mandy
9:15am – Zumba – Sami
10:30am – Fight – Jav, Andrew, Stephanie

Sunday, May 1
8:00 am – Core – Mandy, Julie
8:30am – Zumba – Andrea
9:30 – Centergy Clinic – Jenna, Joanne, Jocelyn
10:30am – Centergy – Jocelyn, Joanne

Saturday, April 30
8:30am – Core – Kristen, Sophia
9:15am – Centergy – Brittany, Jenna

Sunday, May 1
8:00 am – Power – Jessica, Kristen
9:15am – Fight – Kelsey, Avery
9:15am – Ride – Sophia, Dore

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