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Intensify Your Exercise at Global Fitness

Small Group Training at The Best Gym Near Me

Make the most of your time at our Fitchburg gym with world-class small group training sessions, FIT-traxx and MAX-traxx. These programs are a blend of cardio, strength, and functional exercises that get your metabolism in gear for continued calorie burn, even after your workout is complete. Add in the support of a trainer and the motivation of your group, and you have an amazing strategy for core strength, weight loss, and overall fitness.

With limited class sizes, small group training offers the advantage of a close-knit setting and more trainer attention. For a well-rounded fitness experience, FIT-traxx and MAX-traxx also include nutrition strategies.


FIT-traxx is a program that builds each week as you strengthen and energize. Any fitness level can participate, because each exercise features a beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. As you progress through stability training, muscular endurance, and functional movements, you’ll find your body burning calories like never before.


Ready for 4 weeks of high intensity training? MAX-traxx is designed to help launch metabolism, calorie burn, and muscle strength to new levels! With assistance from your trainer, including nutrition and exercise tips, you’ll maximize your exercise in no time!

Virtual Training

Other training options at our gym in Fitchburg include virtual classes with a state-of-the-art fitness on demand system that offers hundreds of cycling classes. Choose your favorite and exercise with privacy in front of the 80-inch high definition screen. Exercise alone or have friends join you!

If you’re not quite ready to hit the gym alone — or you’re unsure where to start — personal training gets you on the right track with customized fitness plans for safe, effective exercise.

When you’re looking for the “best training near me”, Global Fitness fits the bill. Stop by for a visit and see all the services, amenities, and training options we offer. We’re your fitness resource in Fitchburg!