Intense Training for Maximum Results

FIT-traxx is a small group training program specifically designed to produce results for participants by providing not just great workouts but superior support from certified professionals. FIT-traxx not only provides unique workouts that are challenging for all levels, it is run in a semi-private area at each location to ensure participants feel comfortable without any distractions.

During week one you will work on your strength base. Each exercise will have a beginner, intermediate and advanced option so you can get the best workout possible. In week two we add stability training to your workout. By challenging your core and stabilizer muscles, your body works in a totally different way and results are accelerated! The focus for week three is on muscular endurance. This is where you pick up more energy for everyday activities and burn incredible amounts of calories. During week four you will do a variety of functional movements using very little or no equipment. These exercises will push your results right to the next level.

The Support

Even more important than the amazing workouts, is the structured support we provide during your FIT-traxx program. After completing a nutrition recall, your FIT-traxx Coach will work with you to develop nutrition strategies to accelerate your results. Each week your Coach will help you make minor nutrition changes that add up to major differences in the way you look and feel!

Optional Body Composition testing and measurements are also included FREE with each FIT-traxx program. These numbers are critical in determining where you are and how far you have come. Your Coach will also provide weekly fitness handouts that will give you tips on how to make the most of the days in between your scheduled session so you get even better results!

FIT-traxx and MAX-traxx small group training sessions are offered in a dedicated space at our Leominster gym, and all membership types are eligible to participate in either program.


5:30 am -6:30 am

9:15 am -10:15 am

4:30 pm -5:30 pm and 5:30 pm -6:30pm

9:15 am -10:15 am


$99 (EFT) OR $125 Cash/check. Charge

NON-MEMBER $149 (Includes full use of Global Fitness during program weeks).


Check club for session openings and to register. Schedules are subject to change based on participation.