Training Options at the Best Gym in Fitchburg

Everyone’s unique and one size definitely doesn’t fit all — especially when it comes to fitness. That’s why our Fitchburg health club offers different training options. Explore what fits your style best — and make the commitment to next level health and wellness.

Personal Training

Sometimes you just need a little extra support to get (and stay) on the right fitness track. Personal training is a customized experience, and just what some members need to find the right routine and stick with it. Those new to the gym find that extra attention, including tips for proper equipment usage, intensity and duration of exercise, make the best use of gym time. Even elite athletes can use a little assistance to spice up a stale routine or break a stubborn plateau.

Almost everyone can gain from the added knowledge and support of a personal trainer, and our team is dedicated to helping every member reach their fitness goals, no matter their age or skill level.

Team Training

Our small group training programs are held in semi-private settings and led by certified instructors. Fit-traxx and Max-traxx include core-stabilizing, muscle-building exercise — and nutrition strategies — for a comprehensive program that ensures full-body fitness.

Dive in and sample the training options at our gym in Fitchburg. We’re ready to make a difference!

gym with lockers

Locker Rooms

Stow your belongings while you workout, then get refreshed in our clean, secure locker rooms with private showers.
gym parking icon

Free Parking

There's plenty of convenient, free parking at our Fitchburg health club.
gym wifi

Free Wifi

Free Wifi at our Fitchburg fitness center keeps you connected. Stream your favorite movies or music while your workout!
gym silver sneaker class

Silver Sneakers

We accept Silver Sneakers, a program that helps seniors improve strength, balance & range of motion.